Head's Welcome

What is Earthouse? Earthouse is many things - all which are interweaved to help progress towards a better and brighter future for our youth.

Earthouse is an initiative of Medha Educational Services, a company registered with The UK companies listing. It aims to provide School age children a high standard of international English medium education that will set the future needs and demands of our global society.

Earthouse is a sustainable school.

Earthouse was conceived due to observations that children in Dhaka are removed from many important issues that affect them day to day. Many children lack awareness of where their food comes from, where their rubbish goes. Not only is that but their environment becoming increasingly filled with toxins and pollutants which affects their health and ultimately their education. We hope to teach children about sustainability and environmental awareness through social projects and live farming activities on site Earthouse Farm in Gazipur.

Earthouse is an Inclusive school.

Earthouse desires to lift the stigma of learning disorders amongst Bangladeshi educationalists. SEN which is special educational needs, are being addressed by all progressing societies. We have provisions for all children who want to study in mainstream education- that includes high achievers, children who have hyperactive disorders, gifted and talented students, students with dyslexia and high functioning autism.

Earthouse is a school which supports creative play.

Earthouse recognizes there is a need for physical play and explorative play that the children of today are missing out. By providing a safe and secure space we encourage children to care for their physical health. Reconnecting with nature and learning through play is one of the core elements of learning of Earthouse Early years.

Earthouse is a Montessori School.

Maria Montessori was an educator who developed teaching techniques and tools that have proven to aid young children to grasp abstract concepts in a sensorial and practical way. The Montessori way also understands that children develop in certain stages and allow scope for children to climb the same learning ladder at different rates and speeds, ultimately helping them to succeed as an individual. In this sense our classes are grouped in three year bands ( 3-5; 6-8; 9-11; 12-14) and differentiated for different learning styles.

Earthouse is a Stem School.

Schools which focus on implementing practical real life problems using Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics are paving the way of the future. Without these core subjects along with language arts, children will not be able to engage with the problems of the 20 th century and develop the solutions required. Earthouse in partnership with its farmhouse sustainable living project aims to give students real life opportunites and experiences that will enrich their knowledge through scientific enquiry.

Earthouse follows the Edexcel International Curriculum.

At the top of most Bangladeshi parents mind are the questions- Where does my child stand amongst his peers, nationally and internationally? What certificate will he receive at the end of his higher school studies and will that guarantee that will qualify for entrance to an university of her choice? Earthouse follows the International Edexcel Curriculum and students sit for the Primary years Preparation exams at the end of Year 5, Lower secondary Preparation exams at the end of Year 8, before proceeding to the Edexcel Igcse program and A-level examinations.