Our Mission

Our mission is to support children's natural love of learning through a curriculum that is active, hands on, rigorous and international.

At Earth House we aim to develop the children into critical thinkers - who in the future will be problem solvers, leaders and guides within their community.

In addition, it is our mission to help our urban children connect with nature, discover their local heritage and develop skills to lead sustainable lives.

Finally, as a community of diverse learners, we believe, as human beings we must act as responsible stewards towards the rest of creation.

Focus Areas

Communication Skills

Entertain, Persuade, Explain
Discuss, Explore

Hand Skills

conceptualise, model, analyse,
make, test, and refine

Self Awareness

Who are we?
Where do we come from?
What is the purpose of our life

Enquiry Skills

Observe, gather data, Hypothesise,
experiment analyse, deduce